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 高压水射流转换阀 High Pressure Water Jetting Exchanging Valve              

The product is a water injection and change-over valve for coal mining machine. It is a kind of special valve designed to realize the function of low pressure water flow aided driving and high pressure water cut coal seam automatic conversion in coal mining process.


主要技术参数:Main technical parameters

产品结构图:Product Structure

 手动压力发生器 Manual Control Pressure Generator                                     

The utility model is suitable for manual injection of oil pressure in the laboratory pressure measuring system, the pressure gauge and the pressure sensor, etc., and can maintain a constant pressure for a long time. Manual operation does not require any other power source, and the site can be moved at will.

非常适合在实验室压力测量系统、压力表与压力传感器的等检验仪器中手动注入油压,并能长时间内保持恒定的压力; 手动操作不需要其它动力源,可以随意移动场地。

主要技术参数 Main technical parameters